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Triple A  Accompany an Animal on a Flight


To Accompany an Animal on a Flight

We are always in need of travellers to Germany, Sweden and Finland to help transport our dogs to their new lives. This occasionally includes Norway, Holland and Switzerland.

All you have to do is contact us with your destination and reservation and flight numbers, we will meet you at the airport at check-in time and help you with checking in the animal, all security formalities, paperwork etc. is taken care of by us.

There is no additional cost for the person accompanying the animals. You just enjoy your flight and at the arrival gate you will be met by the new owners of the animal or one of our representatives.

We often have animals adopted in a foreign country but are waiting for a flight!! So please consider helping in that way, at no effort or cost for you at all.

Contact us for the full details. Tel. +34 952 771 586



Triple A  Get to Know our Donors

Companies and associations that allow us to do our job.

These are the companies and associations that, day in and day out, provide us with their time and resources without expecting anything in return, guided only by their unconditional love for animals, particularly those that have been abandoned.

In appreciation for their generosity, we dedicate this section to their work and are proud to be associated with them.


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