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Crta. Ojén-Marbella, km 33
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Jena | Ref. 23554

1 year

Jena is left behind by her owner and she was so upset the first week! She is still very afraid but is now getting better every day. She now even snifs on you when you do not look at her ! Poor Jena is very good with other dogs and soon she will feel more safe with the people. She was always with children and she is ok with them, she is house trained and very good in the car. She is now just super sad,upset and does not understand WHY !! Jena is born on 28-7-2015 and she is about 46 cm tall and maybe 18 kilo....not sure yet because she is still afraid so we let her for now. ( Arrived in Triple A on 10-6-2017)

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