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We urgently need flight sponsors for cats and dogs leaving from Malaga AGP for the main German airports.
We deal with everything before the flight and in the Malaga airport; the flight sponsor only has to accompany the animal during the flight. Once...

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We need flight sponsors to Germany, Sweden and Finland

URGENT - We need flight sponsors to the following Swiss and German destinations:
- Dusseldorf
- Cologne
- Hamburg
- Stuttgart
- Frankfurt
If you fly with a company which allow animals on plane...

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Advice which may prevent your dog from being stolen.

Due to the increase in dogs being stolen, we would like to give you some simple advice which may prevent your dog from being stolen.
If you are the owner of a fashionable breed (Chiuaua, Shitzu, Bulldog, Carlino, Pincher, Cocker Spaniel, Yorkshire Terrier), or a potentially...

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