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Poppy, Izzy y Kobe (Reservado)

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Ref.: Kittens
They are three siblings rescued on 30 August/22 with one month old.
They are very affectionate, Kobe the blond one is already reserved, now they are missing his two little sisters who are always together.
It is always better to adopt 2 kittens than one for several reasons:
They are social beings and it is very sad not to have a companion.
They will never be alone while you are working or if you go away for a weekend.
They are playmates: they will practice hunting behaviour with each other. They will entertain each other, they will be a stimulus for each other.
They groom and sleep together.
You will be amused and thrilled by the spectacle of races, jumps and chases, as well as by the affectionate demonstrations of affection between them.
Cats learn together and "educate" each other not to overplay, not to be excessively rough and not to bite.
If they are also siblings, adopting two is ideal.
Adoption Status available for adoption
Gender Female
Size Small
Year of birth 30/07/2022
Character Loving
Hair Short
Arrived 31/08/2022
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