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Happy Endings - Adopted!


Ref.: 23802
Lets hope Chispa will be happy with his new family in Germany.  He was very upset to be left by his old owner, and was only happy when sitting beside Bettina in the refuge office.  He could not stay in a kennel and he really needed his own home.
  Sponsored through virtual adoption by CAROLIN HAMMEL.
Poor Chispa is left behind by his owner and Chispa is so sad, he sits only in one corner of his kennel already for days looking at the gate hoping his owner will come back for him. Chispa is good with the other dogs and he always was with children and he loves children. He is good in the car, alone in the house, house trained etc ! Poor Chispa is born on 29-8-2007 and he is only 40 cm tall.

January 2018:
Adoption Status reserved
Gender Male
Size Small
Year of birth 2007
Character Calm
Hair Short
Arrived 23-9-2017