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Triple A Marbella
In response to the images of dead animals released on 17th April with erroneous information about Triple A in a video by Guardia civil Seprona (which has since been corrected):
Triple A confirm the images shown are of the freezers located at Triple A where dead animals,found in and around Marbella area, are deposited when brought in by the sanitation department of the Town Hall. They remain in the freezers until the incineration transport comes to collect them.
Only 11 animals were from Triple A and this was since 26th February 2016. All deaths are documented. Triple A does not put animals down unless it is absolutly neccesary.

On 11th April 2016 the Guardia Civil had to follow a denouncement submitted to them.  A squad of Guardia Civil came to investigate at the shelter. They took items for their investigation, and three Triple A personnel went to the Comiseria to answer questions, who returned to Triple A after a few hours.The investigation continues and all Triple A staff are co-operating from the shelter, whilst carrying on with their work as normal.

We apologise for any inconvenience to the public last week, and we ask everyone to stay neutral in their opinions. Whatever accusations made against us, we emphasise that everything we do is to care for abandoned animals, to shelter them, treat them medically when necessary, and try to give them a second chance with adoption in families here and abroad.

At no time do we abuse or badly treat our animals. We have a no kill policy, and we never put a dog or cat down if not absolutely necessary.
Triple A is a privately funded institution founded to help the Marbella Ayuntamiento with the problem of abandoned animals. The Ayuntamiento  supports us with some financial assistance.

Thousands of dogs and cats in Marbella would have been killed in government killing stations if they had not been saved by Triple A during the past 25 years. We are currently taking care of more than 400 animals and conducting our rescue business as usual. We welcome anyone to visit us or walk the dogs on Saturday morning, and see the work we do.


Triple A
Association for Abandoned Animals of Marbella

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