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Due to the increase in dogs being stolen, we would like to give you some simple advice which may prevent your dog from being stolen. Warning: Dog Thief in Area
If you are the owner of a fashionable breed (Chiuaua, Shitzu, Bulldog, Carlino, Pincher, Cocker Spaniel, Yorkshire Terrier), or a potentially dangerous breed (Pitbull, Staffordshire Terrier, Rottweiler), or a guard dog (Alsatian, Mastin), or a “hunting dog”, (Podenco, Greyhound, Breton Spaniel) you should be extra careful owing to the high risk of robbery of these breeds.
We suggest that the following advice is taken to reduce the risk of robbery:
  • Never leave your dog tied up alone at the door of a public place while you go
  • shopping or go to an appointment.
  • Never leave your dog alone in the car in public places.
  • Never lose sight of your dog if you are in public place such as the terrace of a bar and always have your dog tied up to your chair with you.
  • If your dog has access to the garden of your house try to make sure that he is not always visible from the road.
  • If you must leave your dog alone at home for several hours, leave him inside the house, away from the sight of  strangers.
  • If you have to leave your dog at a kennels, demand to see their credentials.
  • Never trust strangers who offer go look after your dog.
  • Be alert if a stranger comes to stroke your puppy, always hold the lead tightly and do not let the stranger take the lead at any time. 
  • Never trust strangers who offer go look after your dog for a moment (for example if you have to go into a shop.
  • Elderly people who own small breeds of dogs should avoid dark or uninhabited places while out on their walks.
These suggestions may seem simple and obvious, but they will be a great help in avoiding the robbery of our best friends.  And, of course, ALWAYS, ALWAYS, have your dogs with up-to-date microchips.
If our dog is finnaly stolen we should report the National Police and inform our vet to change the microhip status to “stolen dog”
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